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Advent's philosophy is one of active partnership globally. As a business owner and partner, we aim to make a constructive contribution to our portfolio companies and leave them strongly positioned for the future. As an employer, we try to offer our people satisfying and rewarding careers.

Our Values
Common values shape the distinctive culture of our organization. Trust and respect are its cornerstones.

We believe that it is our responsibility as a partnership to be accountable for the business as a whole and are committed to open debate and collaboration across the firm.

We uphold the highest ethical standards in our business dealings. We work together and share responsibility as one team. All major decisions are based on analytical study, open debate and consensus conclusions.

We try to keep success and failure in perspective and recognize that there is always more to do and more to learn. We have built a reputation for fairness, honesty and partnership with a strong sense of our history and tradition, yet we are also progressive and innovative.

By adhering to these values individually and collectively, we have won the respect and long-term partnership of many of the most prestigious organizations in the world.

Investment Philosophy

Advent's investment philosophy is centred on value creation driven through an active ownership approach. We help build successful companies for the future.

We were founded with the specific brief of investing internationally. We focus on building long term value in partnership with our portfolio companies through revenue growth, acquisitions and profit improvement, not financial engineering.

We are as industrially minded as we are financially minded. Many of our professionals have consulting or operational backgrounds. The benefit is that we are able to deploy well-rounded teams with deep sector knowledge to the development of our portfolio companies.

Our operational partnership is enhanced by over 60 highly experienced industry specific operating partners, who provide insight and a wealth of hands on experience to our portfolio companies and deal teams.

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