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Stokomani is a leading French discount retailer of end-of-line and brand name clearance products

Through its network of over 30 stores, Stokomani offers a large range of constantly renewed brand name goods at attractive prices in the clothing, sportswear, beauty and healthcare, home ware and toy sectors.

Its price positioning ranges from 30% to 50% below traditional retail channels and is made possible through an efficient supply chain, with most products sourced directly through clearance channels with major consumer brands.

The family-owned business has been transformed into a fully fledged national chain through accelerated store openings and reinforcing central functions. Stokomani has more than doubled in size through strong organic growth and doubling its number of stores to 37. A new state-of-the-art logistics platform was launched and a sourcing office in Shanghai was created to develop private labels and import no-name products directly.

Today, Stokomani holds a leading position in the French discount retail sector and reached a turnover of nearly €200m in 2011. The company is well placed to begin the next phase of its development and its ambitious programme for opening stores. In 2012 Advent sold Stokomani to Sagard and Jean-Jacques Namani.



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