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Zone Vision is a leading international broadcaster and distributor of thematic television programmes for international cable and satellite channels. Offering channel representation and programme sales, as well as low-cost localisation services for the content owners, the entrepreneurial business grew rapidly.

By the time of our investment in 2001, Zone Vision had established a network of 14 regional offices, headquartered in London, supplying branded programmes to an international subscriber base of over 25 million. The extension of its service portfolio by a move into broadcasting through the development of three proprietary global broadcast brands and one regional brand, further accelerated the company’s expansion. By 2004, the business had grown to 18 offices and studios globally, represented over 30 international channels and was reaching over 135 million subscribers in 125 countries. In January 2005, Zone Vision was acquired by chellomedia, the European content division of UnitedGlobalCom Inc. (NASDAQ: UCOMA).




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