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AVIP is Italy’s largest independent outdoor advertising group.

Established in 1966, family-owned and managed, AVIP has pursued a dedicated growth plan that has transformed it into the largest player in the local outdoor advertising in Italy – the fastest growing and consolidating outdoor market in Europe.

The company has successfully built one of the broadest outdoor networks in Italy, operating approximately 100,000 installations in some 2000 municipalities and 30 cities, servicing some 11,000 active clients.

AVIP’s activities are focused on three main segments: street furniture, where it is the leader in Italy’s 2nd tier cities; billboards, where it is the leader nationally and high-end locations such as golf clubs, harbours and cultural venues.

Capitalising on a highly-fragmented market, AVIP has combined organic growth with a focused acquisition strategy. Since our investment AVIP has positioned itself as a highly strategic asset, well placed in a competitive landscape populated by mainly niche players.



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