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Global Highlights 2013/14


Historically, cardiovascular diseases have claimed thousands of lives unnecessarily in Poland each year, with poor diagnosis and a lack of available treatment primarily to blame. In 2000, American Heart of Poland Clinics (AHP) was established by a group of prominent doctors from Poland and the US to introduce state-of-the-art cardio services and 24-hour facilities to lead the way in addressing this need.

Since then, AHP has pioneered a wide range of services from medical advice, diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation. In 2013 alone, 39,000 patients received its specialist care. The group now has more than 20 fully-equipped clinics, including a department of cardiac surgery with a hybrid operating theatre that meets international standards and a pioneering network of independent catheterization laboratories.

Investing in 2011, we committed to using our resources and healthcare expertise to support the business in its continued growth. Focusing particularly on cardiac and vascular surgery and rehabilitation, we see great opportunities to develop AHP's comprehensive approach to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and to expand on its significant achievements to date.

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