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Global Highlights 2013/14

Technology, Media & Telecoms

Building sales momentum by reinvigorating operational disciplines and focusing product development

Oberthur Technologies is a global player in the field of security-based smart card technology and services. With customers in more than 140 countries, the company also provides biometric identity products for governments and large corporations.

We acquired Oberthur Technologies at the end of 2011. The ballooning market in mobile phones, credit cards and electronic security products offered exciting growth potential. Through relationships with the owners, we saw the opportunity to acquire a world leader in secure technologies in this fast-growing market.

Here, our strong foundations in the TMT sector played a key role. We worked with management to identify an ambitious value creation plan: to introduce new technologies, bring greater sales and operational efficiency to Oberthur Technologies’ complex global business, and instill the disciplines needed to take the business forward.

Already, business operations have been strengthened and manufacturing improved. Steps to reinforce the sales function and the solutions offering are underway. Two acquisitions have added technological innovations and enabled entry into new markets. The business is well-positioned for growth, and we continue to work on optimizing the company to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

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