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Latin America (LAPEF)


Current fund: LAPEF V
$1.65 billion regional buyout fund

Fund profile

Led by the region's largest and most experienced team, the LAPEF program seeks to invest in companies where it can add significant value usually through a controlling stake or a structure allowing it to influence the business in a meaningful way. Its most recent fund, LAPEF V, is one of the largest funds raised to date for Latin America.

Primary geographic focus

Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and selected other Latin American countries.


Typical equity investment
$50 million – $300 million

Typical enterprise value
$50 million – $1 billion and selected larger transactions

Specialist sectors

The LAPEF team focuses on four sectors where they have substantial experience and deep local and international kowledge:

  1. 1.  Business and Financial Services
  2. 2.  Healthcare
  3. 3.  Industrial (including oil and gas services, production and exploration) and Infrastructure
  4. 4.  Retail, Consumer & Leisure (including education)

Typical investment scenarios

Mainly control positions but will selectively consider minority investments.

  • Buyouts
    Acquiring a business from its owner – whether purchasing a subsidiary of a larger company, delisting a company from a stock exchange, buying from a majority shareholder such as a founder/owner or backing a management team seeking to assume ownership of a business.
  • Expansion funding
    Targeted at driving either organic growth or market consolidation.

Patrice Etlin

Managing Partner, Brazil

T: +55 11 3014 6800
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Mauricio Salgar

Managing Director, Colombia

T: +57 1 254 4747
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Luis Solórzano

Managing Director, Mexico

T: +52 55 5281 0303
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