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Transparency and Private Equity

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Advent International welcomes and supports the Walker Working Group’s guidelines, both in terms of their practical requirements and the standards of transparency which they seek to set across the UK private equity industry.

All of the key areas of information recommended by the report for disclosure are available on this website, and can be found in the following sections:

History: Our history

Investment approach:  Investment programmes 

Typical investment holding period: In mature markets such as Western Europe, the typical investment holding period is around 4-5 years.  Exit decisions, however, are determined by individual company and market circumstances, and hence do vary.

Information on UK investment professionals:  Team

UK investors: Information relating to UK investors in our most recent Global Private Equity Fund (GPE VII) (our investment programme which backs companies in Western Europe and North America) is shown below.


Advent International's internal policies are designed to remove the risk of any conflicts of interest.


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