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In 2011, Advent International acquired Oberthur Technologies, the world’s second largest provider of smartcards’ based security and identification solutions and services.

Our previous investment experience in the electronic payments sector and our breadth of expertise in the banking and telecommunications industries helped us realize the company’s potential across all segments: payment, telecommunications and identity. We also saw the opportunity to support client based growth from mobile operators to financial institutions via our extensive international network.

From the outset, we have been working closely with the Oberthur Technologies management team to help implement three principal avenues for growth to support the long term development of the business. Firstly, by focusing on the electronic payment sector the company will benefit from volume driven by emerging markets, as well as new developments in mature markets such as the company’s forthcoming deployment of EMV Standards in the US (move from magnetic stripes to secured chip & pin cards). Secondly, in telecommunications, the company presents an innovative and attractive offer which should benefit from strong development of NFC (Near Field Communication services). Lastly, by being one of the well established leaders of secured documents with multiple uses in the Identity Division (citizenship, healthcare, licences and conditional access) Oberthur Technologies should continue to show strong growth potential.

We will also support the company through potential external acquisitions and innovation, by increasing R&D investment, which may further enhance the technological development of the company and continue to meet customer needs and demands.




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